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This course involves both theory and actual hands on lab experience. Crete HS Culinary and Restaurant Management Courses use the ProStart® program.  The program includes an industry-driven curriculum to teach, test and award industry-recognized certificates to students meeting high standards in food service and restaurant education. ProStart® is a two-year curriculum for 11th and 12th-grade students developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. This Nebraska-driven and industry-backed curriculum are based on the knowledge high school students need to be successful in the restaurant industry. Coupled with relevant work-based experiences, this curriculum enriches, enhances, and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to develop and practice skills critical to their future success. By integrating classroom learning with job experiences, ProStart® provides students with opportunities to learn and practice important skills related to leadership and responsibility. These skill sets serve as a foundation to professional, trained, and educated employees. It is a school-to-career path for high school students interested in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Students in Foods will apply kitchen safety, food sanitation principles, preparation techniques and nutritional knowledge when planning and preparing food products.  Foods I class offers students the opportunity to apply kitchen safety and food sanitation knowledge when preparing food, analyzing the nutritional value of their daily food intake and to utilize food preparation skills applicable to the project. 

Course Description:  This course provides students with an opportunity to look at the areas of emphasis in Family & Consumer Sciences.  These area include:  Human Relations and Decision Making; Food Preparation and Nutrition; Clothing and Textiles; Housing and Interior Design; Child Development; Resource Management and Career Exploration.  The class will provide students with experiences where they will learn life skills needed for every day living.  

Through this course, students will gain the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions as they assume adult roles and responsibilities. These decisions are organized into three broad categories: financial literacy, relationship literacy, life/work literacy. The focus is on the knowledge and skills young adults need to become independent, responsible, and engaged members of society, with emphasis on the next 5-10 years of their life.